MoodleBrighton September roundup

Sept saw the launch of #MoodleBrighton, a monthly meetup for Moodlers in Brighton & Hove.

At last year’s UK and Ireland MoodleMoot in Dublin I met some of the guys from the Sussex University eLearning Team¬†and we hatched a plan to start up a monthly event in Brighton. It took a while but this was the first such one, and is set for the first Thursday of every month at The Skiff in Gloucester Road, Brighton. The Skiff is a freelancer hub and provides space for regular software group meetups, as this is an open source event they donated the space for free every month, for which we are really grateful. Thanks @theskiff!

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My Top Ten Tools 2012

Every year Jane Hart runs the Top 100 Tools for Learning survey over at C4LPT. Here is my personal 2012 Top Ten which I have submitted, in no particular order.

Google Reader – one of the first things I do every morning is get updated on the news via Google Reader, with which I subscribe to a range of RSS feeds and pull in Google Alerts for certain keyword combinations. A major source of learning for me, most of my feeds are related to learning technologies and bloggers I follow.

Google Alerts – I have about 10 alerts running for certain keywords relative to my field, which I monitor through Google Reader. The Alerts service is one I’ve been using for some years and I find it indispensable.

Moodle Docs – a superb resource on all things Moodle. If you want to know something about Moodle, consult the Docs first!

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