The quantified cyclist: analysing Strava data using R

This post was edited on 09 May 2017 to add some clarity around authenticating with the Strava API.

In 2016 I made a commitment to myself to record every cycle ride I made. As both a leisure cyclist and cycle commuter, I was keen to know how far I rode in a year, what was the accumulated distance of my daily commute, what distance did I cover on my leisure rides. I already recorded my weekend rides in a phone app called Strava, so it was pretty easy to get into the habit of clicking a button on my phone every time I set off on a cycle commute too.

So as we ended 2016, my thoughts turned to what my end of year results would be in Strava. However, as it turned out the data presented to Strava users (shown below) is quite lightweight. It only provides a total distance cycled for the year, and while you can tag a ride as a ‘commute’, nothing is actually done with this data in the Strava interface and the end of year results are not split between commute and non-commute, for example.

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