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MoodleBrighton September roundup

Sept saw the launch of #MoodleBrighton, a monthly meetup for Moodlers in Brighton & Hove.

At last year’s UK and Ireland MoodleMoot in Dublin I met some of the guys from the Sussex University eLearning Team and we hatched a plan to start up a monthly event in Brighton. It took a while but this was the first such one, and is set for the first Thursday of every month at The Skiff in Gloucester Road, Brighton. The Skiff is a freelancer hub and provides space for regular software group meetups, as this is an open source event they donated the space for free every month, for which we are really grateful. Thanks @theskiff!


My Top Ten Tools 2012

Every year Jane Hart runs the Top 100 Tools for Learning survey over at C4LPT. Here is my personal 2012 Top Ten which I have submitted, in no particular order.

Google Reader – one of the first things I do every morning is get updated on the news via Google Reader, with which I subscribe to a range of RSS feeds and pull in Google Alerts for certain keyword combinations. A major source of learning for me, most of my feeds are related to learning technologies and bloggers I follow.

Google Alerts – I have about 10 alerts running for certain keywords relative to my field, which I monitor through Google Reader. The Alerts service is one I’ve been using for some years and I find it indispensable.

Moodle Docs – a superb resource on all things Moodle. If you want to know something about Moodle, consult the Docs first!

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Open Source LMS Landscape in 2012

I’ve been meaning to generate an up-to-date list of open source learning management systems for some time. A recent trawl of Sourceforge, Github, Google Code and Codeplex for the term ‘learning’, as well as the list published at, resulted in nearly 100 viable projects. There may be more, of course. Many thanks to my colleague, Duncan Croucher, for his substantial help in establishing and refining this list over the past week.

The full list is at the foot of this post. We then set about refining this list against a set of criteria as follows:

  • Is code being committed?
  • Are there regular stable releases?
  • Are there support forums?
  • Are there plugins available on the website?
  • Are there commercial support services available?
  • Is there developer documentation on the website?

Applying this set of filters reduces the full list down to a mere 10 LMS projects which can be considered mature, stable and sustainable. This is clearly a much more manageable and feasible list against which more detailed comparisons can be made. Those comparisons will come in a further post over the coming weeks.

Here are the shortlist of 10 and the full list of open source LMS projects. if you spot anything missing or can help improve the refinement criteria, pls let me know.


Reflections on 12 months at Epic

1 today!Wow. This week marks 12 months back at Epic for me and what a year it has been! A slew of awesome Moodle sites, high growth in our open source services, a fantastic new open source team, getting stuck in at MoodleMoot and iMoot conferences and loads more exciting stuff. It’s been a jam packed year for sure. it was always going to be a bit weird rejoining a company I had been part of for 11 years prior to my three years at a competitor. But that three years doing a high growth startup (launching Kineo’s open source business) was a massive education, albeit one that went off in a direction that wasn’t a comfortable fit for me.

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iMoot: Building a Mobile Moodle Course

I attended and presented at my first iMoot last week. For the uninitiated, Moodle Moots are regional conferences and the annual iMoot is a 4 day online conference extravaganza with round the clock sessions! I did two sessions on building and deploying mobile learning for Moodle which you can view on Slideshare.

iMoot: Building a Mobile Moodle Course in 30 Minutes [slideshare id=13115400&w=425&h=355&fb=0&mw=0&mh=0&sc=no]

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Moodle Moot UK – Day Three

Keynote panorama by James Clay

Day Three at the Moodle Moot started with a sore head! The previous night saw a drinks reception hosted by Remote Learner (thankyou for the wine!) followed by an excellent Gala dinner with good food, nice wine and great company.  I headed off at 10pm but the tweets and video footage continued into the small hours so this morning started with sore heads all round!

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Working with Moodle Flavours

Working with Moodle Flavours, which I presented at Moodle Moot today

Working With Moodle Flavours [slideshare id=12280356&w=425&h=355&fb=0&mw=0&mh=0&sc=no]

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Moodle in the NHS

My presentation from today’s Moodle Moot on using Moodle in the NHS is now on Slideshare.

Implementing Moodle in the NHS [slideshare id=12279197&w=425&h=355&fb=0&mw=0&mh=0&sc=no]

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Moodle Moot UK – Day Two

So today was my induction into the world of Moodle Moots. Despite working in Moodle for the last four years this is the first time I’ve managed to attend the annual UK Moot and today was thoroughly enjoyable. I missed the keynote from Martin Dougiamas as I was in the air at the time but arrive for the start of the first session at about 11am.

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Blackboard to offer Moodle and Sakai services in the race for student data

Yesterday a slew of major announcements from Blackboard sent shock waves through the open source learning technologies community. The first was that Blackboard is to acquire two major Moodle Partners – Moodlerooms in North America and Netspot in Australia. The second was that Blackboard is hiring Sakai founder Chuck Severance in an effort to extend its service offering to Sakai as well as Moodle. And as if this weren’t enough, Blackboard also announced its decision to continue supporting Angel VLE, a product it acquired some years ago and was set to discontinue. All of this under the umbrella of the Blackboard Education Open Source Services. Open letters and quotes were published by all involved: Blackboard, BB Learn President Ray Henderson, Sakai’s Chuck Severance, Moodlerooms CEO Lou Pugliese and Netspot Director Mark Dreschler.