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Reflections on agile product development

I recently moved teams and role following a company restructure and merger, which led me to reflect on my last three years. One of the reasons I had taken the role was to gain more experience in agile product development. I’d worked in open source product development for over a decade, and on a number of agile projects, but in order to grow and develop as a software engineer and technology lead, I wanted more direct experience of product development and technology leadership with a small, agile scrum team. 

So, IĀ organised my reflections around the 12 agile principles, which seems like a sensible way to reinforce the learnings I’ve come away with. Obviously there’s lots that I cant talk about, but I’ve selected some things that aren’t commercially sensitive and aren’t airing anyones dirty washing! It was a useful exercise for me to reflect on, hopefully it can be useful to others too.