My Top Ten Tools 2012

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Every year Jane Hart runs the Top 100 Tools for Learning survey over at C4LPT. Here is my personal 2012 Top Ten which I have submitted, in no particular order.

Google Reader – one of the first things I do every morning is get updated on the news via Google Reader, with which I subscribe to a range of RSS feeds and pull in Google Alerts for certain keyword combinations. A major source of learning for me, most of my feeds are related to learning technologies and bloggers I follow.

Google Alerts – I have about 10 alerts running for certain keywords relative to my field, which I monitor through Google Reader. The Alerts service is one I’ve been using for some years and I find it indispensable.

Moodle Docs – a superb resource on all things Moodle. If you want to know something about Moodle, consult the Docs first!

Twitter – my biggest source of learning. I only use it for professional networking and keep Facebook for all the personal stuff, Twitter is my number one source for keeping up to date with industry trends and thinking.

Evernote – this is where I keep my notes on useful things I find on the internet, collate my thoughts, form blog posts and articles.

Smartphone – a huge amount of my learning is done out of work via social networking, web browsing, Twitter, Google Reader, etc. Most of this is done from my smartphone so this would be one of the most important learning tools in my ‘toolkit’!

Google Search – probably my number one learning tool, used constantly throughout the day.

Wikipedia – where many of my Google Searches invariably lead! I got a chance to work on a Wikipedia research project at Epic this year, one of the highlights of my working year!

Moodle – it’s always amazing how much more there is to learn about Moodle. As a Moodle practitioner, this tool is the subject of a lot of my learning, but as a lot of this learning is performed by simply using and exploring the system and using it’s contextual help, I have to list it as a learning tool as well.

MobileRSS – The only mobile app in my list apart from Evernote and Twitter, this basically provides an interface to Google Reader from my home and work phones, and synchronises read/unread statuses nicely between the two. One of the few ‘special’ apps that has travelled with me through all my phones over the last 3 or 4 years or so.

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